Keynote Speaker

A Foundation for Transformation
Speaker: Paul Grundy


SIM Track

Learning to Meet Your Needs, Fill the Gaps and Increase Team Performance
Speaker: Kathy Cebuhar, Joanna Espinoza, Frank Jadwin, Robyn Wearner


The Power of Partnership for Health Care Transformation: Creating Patient and Family Advisory Programs
Speakers: Mary Minniti & Linda Sample


Understanding and Using Actuarial Cost and Utilization Reports
Speakers: Steven Demny, Katie Matthews, Ally Weaver
Slides – Matthews & Weaver
Slides – Demny 


Skillful Patient Engagement Is Learned
Speakers: Glen Kotz, Marcia Carteret, Kristin Boronski


Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Colorado Adult Primary Care Practices
Speaker: Liza Tupa


Build your own Integrated Center
Speakers: Christin Sutter & Leah Goetz


SIM Peds Track

Introducing the Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Colorado Pediatric Primary Care Practices
Speaker: Liza Tupa


Integrated Care and Understanding Social Determinants of Health (Peds)
Speakers: Sue Williamson, Bridget Burnett, & John Laukkanen


TCPi Track

The Person and Family Engagement Imperative: Creating Systems to Strengthen Partnerships in Ambulatory Care
Speaker: Mary Minniti


Appropriate Use of Care – Why & How; Engaging Patients and Care Teams
Speakers: Carol Greenlee, Beth Neuhalfen & Josefina Apodaco
Slides – Neuhalfen
Slides – Greenlee
Slides – Lewis 


Implementation of High Value Care Strategies
Moderators: Allyson Gottsman and Matt Keelin
Slides – SurgOne
Slides – Sustainia Center for Women
Slides – Radiology Imaging Associates


TCPi Mental Health Track

Achieving Value-Based, Quality Care for BH Treatment Delivered in Integrated BH Primary Care or Specialty MH Care
Speaker: Brian DeSantis


The Changing Landscape of Health Care and How it is Transforming Behavioral Health 
Speakers: George DelGrosso


EHR Workflows
Speaker: Jennifer Halfacre 


Multi-Initiative Track

Mental Health First Aid as a Strategy for Colorado Primary Care Practices
Speakers: Barbara Becker & Emily Haller


Alternative Payment Models 101
Speaker: Stephanie Gold


Team and System Approaches to Promoting Resilience and Well Being of the Healthcare Workforce
Speakers: Patrick P. Kneeland & Read G. Pierce


Value Based Coding
Speakers: Nancy M Enos & Pamela Ballou-Nelson


Opioids: Colorado’s Response
Speaker: Rob Valuck


Medicaid Primary Care Payment Reform
Speaker: Shane Mofford


Medicare Quality Payment Program (QPP) for 2018
Speakers: Andrew Bienstock, Courtnay Ryan & Lauren O’Kipney


Implementation of Strategies to Address Opioids: What Is Happening in Practices and in the Community?
Speakers: Laura Don, Alan Kimura, Meghan Prentiss, Daniel Pacheco & Linda Zittleman
Slides – Zittleman
Slides – Kimura
Slides – Don