TCPi Learning Networks

1.2 Team Based Relationships


Structured Communication Strategies

Change Concept 1.2.1: Enhance Teams


Top of License Practice

Change Concept 1.2.2: Clarify Team Roles

1.5 Coordinated Care Delivery 

Medical Neighborhood 101

Change Concept 1.5.2 A: Establish Medical Neighborhood Roles


Establishing Medical Neighborhood Roles

Change Concept 1.5.2 B: Establishing Medical Neighborhood Roles


Ensure Quality Referrals

Change Concept: 1.5.4: Ensure Quality Referrals

2.1 Engaged and Committed Leadership

Leading the Transformation: Vision and Path

Change Package: 2.1: Engaged and Committed Leadership

2.3 Transparent Measuring and Monitoring

Change Package Driver: 2.3

Facilitator Guide



Other Resources 

Presentation by Dr. Carol Greenlee: My Story from Getting From Here to There – The Journey of a Transformed Specialty Practice