Implementing Outcome Changing Integrated Care

Speaker: Lori Raney, MD

Coding for Success; A look at Behavioral Health Coding Opportunities 

Coding for Behavioral Health Pediatric Considerations

Speakers: Pam Ballou-Nelson & Jill Atkinson

Engaging Our Most Valuable Assets in Healthcare; Patients and Families

Patient Family Advisory Committee

Speakers: Shi Lynn Coleman, Darrin Judkins, Laura Carrol, Mary Catherine, & Chuck Demarest

Understanding and Using the CMMI and Actuarial Cost and Utilization Reports

Speakers: Katie Matthews & Ally Weaver

2-1-1: Connecting Communities to Resources

Speaker: Fermin Avila

Teams as the Backbone for Transformation in Primary Care

Speakers: Kathy Cebuhar, Corey Lyon, Martha Kalin, Julie Jones, Maureen Spiegleman, Peggy Randall, &Jessica Dunbar

IT MATTTRs 2: Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Colorado

Speakers: Kyle Knierim and Daniel Pacheco

The Why’s and How’s of Population Management

Speakers: Kyle Knierim & Aimee English

SBIRT: A Team Approach to Addressing the Full Continuum of Substance Use in Adolescents and Adults

Speaker: Joanne Espinoza

Using Data to Drive Change

SIM Actuarial Reports

Speakers: Andrew Bienstock, Maura Rickart, Erin Sullivan-Ortiz, Julie DeSaire, Devin Detwiler, & Steve Melek

Spreading the Word: e-Learning Modules for Practice Teams

Speakers: Robyn Wearner, Bonnie Jortberg, Janet Steinkamp, MacLean Zehler, & Don Sutton

What’s Your Vision? Strategies for Advancing Behavioral Health Integration

Speakers: Alex Schmidt & Britta Fuglevand

How to Sustain the Change

Speakers: Allyson Gottsman, Helen Story, & Keri Straub

You Need More than a Hammer: Behavioral Health Tools in Primary Care

Speaker: Alex Reed

Teen Depression Screening and Suicide Prevention

Speakers: Anita Rich, Bev Marquez, Raul De Villegas-Decker