SIM Framework and Milestones for Cohort 2 

Breakout: Cohort 2 Bootcamp

Roots and Branches of Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care

Six Levels of Collaboration/Integration (Core Descriptions)

Breakout: What’s Your Vision? Strategies for Advancing Behavioral Health Integration

Gap Analysis by Core Principle

Breakout: Implementing Outcome Changing Integrated Care

e-Learning Videos for Practice Teams

Breakout: Spreading the Word: e-Learning Modules for Practice Teams

H Codes for Behavioral Health

Breakout: Coding for Behavioral Health 

Sample SIM Practice Site Actuarial Report

Sample SIM Cost & Utilization Report

Breakout: Understanding and Using the CMMI and Actuarial Cost and Utilization Reports

Patient Cases

Depression Action Plan

Pleasant Activity Tracking Form

Breakout: You Need More than a Hammer: Behavioral Health Tools in Primary Care