Keynote Speaker: Susan H McDaniel, PhD
Culture, Communication, & Collaboration in Team-based Care

Developing & Using Your Value Proposition
Speakers: Pam Ballou-Nelson, RN, MSPH,CMPE, PhD & Bonny L Brill, CMPE, CMRS

EPDST – A Benefit Is Not A Benefit Unless You Use It!
Speaker: Jeff Helm, MPA

Team Communication Dynamics: Establishing the Baseline for Patient Engagement in Your Practice
Speaker: Marcia Carteret, M.Ed.
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How About MIPS: Why bother?
Speakers: Andrew Bienstock, MHA, Courtnay Ryan & Lauren O’Kipney, CRC5

What Resources Do I Have After SIM?
Moderator: Allyson Gottsman & Representatives from CDPHE/ ECHO/ HDCo/Telligen

Integration Dyads; Behavioral Health and Primary Care
Moderator: Stephanie Kirchner, MSPH, RD & Practice Panel

Connect with Your Community
Speakers: Ashlie Brown, Jane Gerberding, BSN, RN, Dee Kessler, Kristin Mast, Heather Ponicsan, DNP, MPH, RN, & Taylor Miranda Thompson, MPH

Sustaining Behavioral Health Integration
Speaker: Lori Raney, MD



How to Negotiate Commercial Payer Contracts
Speaker: R Todd Welter, MS

Building Sustainability for Integration Part 1: Financial Forecasting
Speaker: Lesley Manson, PsyD

Pediatrics and Child Welfare: The Untold Story
Speaker: Jeff Helm, MPA

Emerging Technologies for Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care
Speakers: Sam Hubley, PhD & Sarah Beary

Implementing Core Competencies for Behavioral Health Providers Working in Primary Care
Speakers: Emma Gilchrist, MPH, Robyn Wearner, MA, RD & Janet Steinkamp

Strategies to Build Strong Integrated Care Teams
Speakers: Gail Armstrong, PhD, DNP, ACNS-BC, CNE, Kathy Reims, MD, Sarah Stalder, PMHNP, RN  Lexi Barrere, PNP, RN

The Patient as Consumer: New Expectations for Clinicians and Consumers
Speaker: Pam Ballou Nelson, RN, MSPH,CMPE, PhD



Building Sustainability for Integration Part 2: Return on Investment
Speaker: Lesley Manson, PsyD

Hard but Not Impossible:  SDOH Screening in Primary Care
Speakers: Heather Bleacher, MD, MPH & Kathy Cebuhar, MA, LPC

Health First Colorado Implementation of Regional Organizations
Moderator: Kellyn Pearson, MSN & Panel: Representative from HCPF & each RAE

Risk Stratification – Matching Resources to Need
Speakers: Kathy Reims, MD, Caitlyn Hockenbury, Laura DiPrince, LPC, Danielle Smith, Tamar Shuster, MHSA, Shelli James & Simone O’Brien

Colorado Crisis Services, Support Across Colorado – An Evolving Landscape
Moderator: Heather Stocker, MA, Brendan East, MSW  & Joseph Cardamone

Data Aggregation Tools: Cost and Utilization
Speakers: Steven Demny, MBA, Matthew Suppin, Steve Melek & Katie Matthews
Milliman Slides
Teladoc Slides 

Introducing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in Primary Care
Speakers: Kyle Knierim, MD, Shandra Brown Levey, PhD, Paul Patterson, Karley Trautman, ANP  

Your Patients are Waiting for Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care
Speakers: Stephanie Gold, MD & Caitlin Barba, MPH