Developing & Using Your Value Proposition
Value Proposition Exercise


Building Sustainability for Integration Part 1: Financial Forecasting
Pro Forma Worksheet
Pro Forma Complete Online – Excel 

Emerging Technologies for Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care
Optimize Your Workflow
Guided Meditation
Walking the Plank 

The Patient as Consumer: New Expectations for Clinicians and Consumers
Five Truths About Millennial Patients
The Lifetime of Value of Patient Loyalty



Building Sustainability for Integration Part 2: Return on Investment
Cost Savings ROI Worksheet
Direct ROI $ Worksheet

Hard but Not Impossible:  SDOH Screening in Primary Care
SDOH Checklist

Health First Colorado Implementation of Regional Organizations
Accountable Care Collaborative Phase II

Risk Stratification – Matching Resources to Need
Risk Stratification Process
Risk Stratification Policy
Sample Risk Stratification – Excel 
We Care Survey 

Data Aggregation Tools: Cost and Utilization
Data Aggregation Resources for Stratus and Milliman