SIM Cohort 3 Framework and Milestones

The SIM Framework and Milestones are intended to be benchmarks that guide and measure where participating practice sites are in their transformation journeys. They are derived from the Bodenheimer Building Blocks and the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative milestones and activities and reflect the priorities of payers that support SIM practices. The milestones have been developed by the SIM office, Multi-Payer Collaborative, and the University to emphasize and support SIM’s focus on advancing behavioral health integration within primary care settings.

Since Cohort 3 practices are only participating in SIM for one year and will be focused on Year 1 milestones to achieve good standing, many practices will enter into SIM with previous work in both quality improvement and behavioral health integration. Practices are encouraged to work on Year 2 milestones if they have already achieved milestones in Year 1, as they reflect sustainable change and continued advancement, but Cohort 3 practices will not be measured on these milestones.

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