SIM Cohort 2 - RFA Packet


The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) is an initiative funded by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The goal is to improve the health of Coloradans by increasing access to integrated physical and behavioral healthcare services in coordinated systems and encouraging SIM practices to test value-based payment structures. The SIM Initiative will reach 400 primary care providers and four community mental health centers during its four-year timeline and strives to influence the healthcare of 80% of Colorado residents through its efforts, which include regional health connectors and local public health agencies, by 2019.

To achieve this goal, SIM will select primary care practice sites from across the state to receive practice transformation support to help them integrate behavioral health and primary care and facilitate a transition to value-based payments.

The University of Colorado is issuing this request for application (RFA) on behalf of the SIM Office. Approximately 150 practice sites will be selected to participate in the second cohort of SIM and engage in practice transformation activities through the SIM Practice Transformation Program. These practices will join 92 practice sites that currently participate in the first SIM cohort. Participating practice sites will receive support from and work with practice transformation organizations to develop competencies associated with the SIM Practice Transformation Building Blocks as outlined within the Colorado SIM Framework and Milestones (see Attachment A). The building blocks are based on Thomas Bodenheimer’s, “The 10 Building Blocks of High Performing Primary Care.” 1 The building blocks, which are made up of milestones, are aligned with alternative payment models to strengthen delivery of comprehensive primary care by moving toward greater integration of behavioral health services. Practice sites in Cohort 2 will qualify for SIM payments of up to $13,000 per practice site, and may apply for competitive grants up to $40,000. These practice transformation supports, among others, are designed to advance the delivery of person-centered, team-based care with an emphasis on integrated care.

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