Continuous and Team-Based Healing Relationships Supplement: Elevating the Role of the Medical/Clinical Assistant

This supplement provides a curriculum and training materials (PowerPoint presentations, handouts, skill assessments, exams, etc.) that practices can use to enhance the skills of Medical and Clinical Assistants.


Today, healthcare is fragmented. Patients receive care from a wide variety of providers working in different locations with whom they may have no long-term relationship. However, research and patient experience show that a strong, lasting patient-provider relationship is central to good health and high satisfaction. Developing this relationship between the patient, his or her primary care provider, and the care team is key to becoming a medical home.

This Implementation Guide addresses why care teams are important for improving patient care and ways to build an effective care team that meet patients’ needs and expectations. We identify four principles that should guide any effort to provide continuous, team-based care, and present detailed steps on how to implement continuous, team-based care.

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