Dartmouth Green Book

The aim of “Microsystems At A Glance” is to introduce and attract new colleagues to the developmental journey toward transformation. Provides an overview of thee body of knowledge, various tools and processes to improve care and the workplace. The transformation will result in provision of exceptional care and continuous care delivery system improvement.


Finding time to improve care can be difficult, but the only way to improve and maintain quality, safety, efficiency and flexibility is by blending analysis, change, measuring and redesigning into the regular patterns and the daily habits of front-line clinicians and staff. Absent the intelligent and dedicated improvement work by all staff in all units, the quality, efficiency and pride in work will not be made nor sustained.

The workbooks provide tools and methods that busy clinical teams can use to improve the quality and value of patient care as well as the work-life of all staff who contribute to patient care. These methods can be adapted to a wide variety of clinical settings, large and small, urban and rural, community-based and academic.


Choose from the Greenbooks below to meet your needs. For your convenience, each of the books have been converted to MS Word format to allow you to customize them.

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